AGB Lifesaver Medical Alarms

Medical Alert Systems and Service that Seniors and Caring Families Can Trust

Smart Smoke Detector

The AGB Lifesaver Medical Alarms Smoke Detector is unlike standard smoke detectors. This Smoke Detector is designed to work with our Medical Alarm Service. If there is smoke or fire in your residence, the Smoke Detector will send a signal to the Base Unit of your Medical Alarm, which will then be activated to send a specific signal to our Monitoring Center indicating that Smoke exists in your home. This Smoke detector is not meant to replace your existing smoke detector system.

This smoke detector is designed to augment your existing smoke detector alarms system. This smoke detector can save your life if you are sleeping or physically affected in a manner that may prevent you from realizing that there is a fire and or smoke problem within your home. After receiving the smoke alarm signal from your Smoke Detector, our Monitoring Center will attempt to contact you by phone to alert you of a potential problem, if you do not answer your phone, the Fire Department will be dispatched.

$65 plus $5.00/month charged for monitoring service(includes shipping)

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